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Jeff Porter

Jeff Porter is a percussionist who has been studying, performing, and teaching music from Cuba, West Africa, the Congo and Brazil for the past 23 years. His goal is to bring the spirit of music to as many people as possible, because it is really fun! Jeff teaches using body percussion, comedy, dancing and singing to integrate rhythms in the body. He also teaches private lessons using traditional instruments like Congas, Bata, Pandeiro, Djembe, Shekere, and Cajon. He has performed and recorded with Paul Simon’s band from Graceland, Emmylou Harris, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, Laura Goldhamer, and many others. He really loves Working rhythmically with all kinds of instrumentalists and vocalists. Because as James Brown said everything is a drum!

Joshua Massad

Joshua began teaching in Greece in 2001.  Upon returning to his native state of Oklahoma, he taught for 8 years before founding World Through Music, Mindfulness school of Music (WTM), Yoga & Performing Arts in India in 2008.  As director of WTM, Massad travels between America and Asia every year to share his love for music and further explore and discover why we make music.