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About Us

Music Matters

Harmony Project Tulsa (HPT) is a multi-year, music-based, after-school mentoring program that gives daily academic tutoring, string instrument instruction, and music lessons to students in at-risk communities. We follow students from pre-k through high school graduation.

The primary aim of HPT is to build responsible, productive, caring citizens, while using music as a means of positive development and social inclusion.

HPT is one of nine affiliates of Harmony Project of America, based on the award-winning Harmony Project Los Angeles.

Harmony Project has been recognized as one of the most effective arts-based youth interventions in the nation.

Kathy Rad – Executive Director

Kathy Rad has been teaching orchestra students in the Greater Tulsa Area for 25 years. Rad’s devotion to sharing the joy of music with others has earned her the Bart Betow Memorial Education Award given by the Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa, and the United States Army’s third highest award, the Superior Civilian Service Award.

Michael Nicholson – Program Manager

Michael Nicholson gave his life over to music and the violin at the age of thirteen and has since performed in chamber ensembles, orchestras, and as a soloist throughout the United States and Italy.

Hannah Murray – Master Teaching Artist

Hannah Murray currently serves as Associate Concertmaster for Signature Symphony, as well as Associate Principal Second Violin for Tulsa Symphony Orchestra.

Teaching Artists:


Esmeralda Laguna

Parent & Teacher Liason

Emile Adair

University of Tulsa Intern

Helena Singleton

University of Tulsa Intern

Sadelina Dowling

Academic Tutor

Marion Wicks

Academic Tutor

Martha Mattes

Grant Writer

Lydia Dishman

University of Tulsa Intern

Kyleigh Taylor

University of Tulsa Intern

Jean Jerow

Academic Tutor

Jennifer Marriott


Lydia Juong

University of Tulsa Intern

Lydia Juong

University of Tulsa Intern

Jessica Hamilton

Academic Tutor

“I am very happy and thankful that they got in the program because it has helped them so much, and they enjoy it. They get a lot of help from their teachers, a lot of guidance.”
Mother of two HPT students

Board Of Directors

Executive Officers
Ron Spigelman 
Vice President
Dr. David Hurewitz 
Jennifer Sherman
Bart Hall
Data Management
Elena Schmidt
Executive Director
(Ex Officio Member)
Kathy Rad
Board Members

Alexandra Holder
Bruce Guthrie 
Raymond Johnson
Callie Jo Morey
Dr. Margaret Martin
Daniel Regan
Heidi Rigert
Liliana Vargas-Vergara
Josh Jones
Sarah Phoenix

Advisory Board Members

Ken Brune
Susan Burkhart
Ken Busby
Drew Diamond
Beth Donica
Dr. Deborah Gist
Pastor Chris Hall
Vernon Howard
Danielle Hovenga
Dr. Erv Janssen
Dr. Kathy LaFortune
Christina Starzl Mendoza
Danielle Neves
Dr. Anna Norberg
Paula Strunk
Heavin Taylor
M. Teresa Valero
Laura Whitman-Q
Timothy Weinstock 

Harmony Project Founder

In 2001, Dr. Martin founded Harmony Project, which has provided instruments and tuition-free group and private music lessons to thousands of the most vulnerable children in Los Angeles as a means of positive youth development and social inclusion. The Harmony Project has garnered two Presidential awards since 2009.

 Click here to learn more about our founder.