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Program Details

Transforming Lives Through Music

Our Mission:

To promote the healthy growth and development of children through the study, practice, and performance of music.

To build healthier communities by investing in the positive development of children through music.

To develop children as musical ambassadors of peace, hope, and understanding amongst people of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs.

After school, 5-10 hours per week, students receive specialized music instruction and get extra academic help from Kendall Whittier teachers at no cost.

Stringed Instruments

Students as young as pre-k are able to choose to play violin or cello

Academic Tutoring Classes

Students also receive extra help with their schoolwork from their teachers at Kendall Whittier

Group and Private Music Lessons

Students receive 180 minutes of specialized lessons after school per week


After school students receive nourishment

Musical Supplies

Optimal playing requires instrument cases, rosin for bows, shoulder rests, etc.

Public Performances

Several performances occur throughout the year, including an opportunity to share the stage with professional Tulsa Arts organizations

Musical Outings

Learning in the classroom is fun, but sometimes it’s even more fun to change the scenery.

Peer Mentoring

Older and more experienced students “give back” by providng weekly lessons to younger students in a semi-private environment.

Enhanced Family Support

Fostering a community of families that actively support their children’s growth is fundamental to our program’s success.
“I’m very thankful to the teachers because of their patience and dedication to our kids. And I’m very thankful for everything that they have done and are doing for them.”
Proud HPT parent

Here are the academic results we’ve achieved so far at Kendall Whittier Elementary:

According to 2015/2016 Tulsa Public Schools standardized testing data, we found that HPT first, second, and third graders outperformed their peers in reading and math. These graphs below show the reading test results of third graders attending Kendall Whittier Elementary. Third grade is an essential year for testing; a non-passing score could result in being held back. You can see that 58 percent of HPT students performed at the “Proficient Level” compared to 35 percent of third graders not enrolled in HPT.

Enrollment has nearly doubled every year since HPT’s beginnings in 2014. Although we are proud of our growing enrollment numbers, many deserving kids are still on a waiting list. This chart shows HPT’s growth over the last four years.